WellAware @ NU
For Your Better Health
WellAware is a comprehensive health enhancement initiative, offered to all legacy Northeast Utilities employees and spouses and legacy NSTAR non-bargaining employees and spouses.
The Incentive Program

The incentive program is designed to encourage participants and their families to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle habits.

The deadline to complete the 2014 WellAware Incentive Program was Friday, October 31. Eligible employees and spouses who completed the program by this deadline and are still due cash awards will receive them during the week of December 1.

You must be a current NU employee or spouse of a current NU employee on the date the award is mailed to be eligible for the award. 2014 retirees and their spouses who completed the program are also eligible for this year's WellAware incentive awards. The last day to inquire about your 2014 award is December 30, 2014. After that day, only inquiries about the 2015 awards will be addressed.

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